apropos, whatis and makewhatis

Tools to help you find the appropriate command.

Now you have the tools to help find commands you may not use often, but are worthwhile knowing. Using apropos and whatis sure beats reading through all the manual pages. A newbie to Linux will find a lot of directory manipulation help with the dir keyword. So put apropos to work and search and learn!

David Bandel (dbandel@ix.netcom.com) is a Computer Network Consultant specializing in Linux, but begrudgingly works with Windows and those “real” Unix boxes like DEC 5000s and Suns. When he's not working, he can be found hacking his own system or enjoying the view of Seattle from 2,500 feet up in an airplane. He welcomes your comments, criticisms, witticisms, and will be happy to further obfuscate the issue.



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5imian's picture

This was an awesome article for me, as I am learning linux and found the sheer number of commands a little overwhelming. This article really give people like me a tool to help teach myself.

thanks again!

Oh, and can anyone understand what the heck the guy before me (magical enema ?) is even saying?

"apropos, whatis and makewhatis" + Windows

Wong Seo-ul's picture

Do they have some thing similar to "apropos, whatis and makewhatis" on windows systems...