Beyond Your First Shell Script

As your shell scripts get more complex, you'll need to put a directive at the beginning to tell the operating system what sort of shell script this is.


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rewrite to shell script

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Write a shell script that will create a directory call Finals, then copy the myfirst file in your current directory to the finals directory. The script should also display the files in the Final directory and finally deletes this directory upon execution.

the "fi" lines

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What does "fi" mean? The author uses it twice in his completed sample code.


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"fi" is simply the word "if" reversed. This is common in Unix shell scripting. You'll also see the word "esac" which terminates a "case" block.

Re: the "fi" lines

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The "fi" simply terminates the "if" block; e.g., end if. Note that it is just "if" in reverse "fi".