Stop The Presses

Apple and Linux, the Linux server, other architectures, Linux Matters and Linux 2.0 announced.
Linux in the News

Linux Journal is no longer the only magazine which covers of Linux. In February, Byte ran a cover story entitled Linux Matters, which explained that Linux isn't just inexpensive, it's also worth using. Infoworld has regularly given Linux reasonable coverage; In the February 19th issue, Nicholas Petreley's reaction “mimicked the attitude of my 2-year-old daughter at a toy store: `gimme have it.”' Linux has been regularly mentioned in Dr. Dobb's and Unix Review for over a year. Of course, we still think that Linux Journal is the best place to get your Linux information fix.

Recent Development

As we announced last month, Linus is preparing to release a new stable version of Linux, provisionally called Linux 2.0. More features that will be interesting to our readers include true NFS caching, made possible by the new “page cache” which debuted in the 1.3.51 kernel, SMP on Pentium Pros, VFAT filesystem (Windows 95 “long filename”) support, APM (Advanced Power Management, normally used on laptops) capabilities, and disk quotas.