Almost Internet with SLiRP and PPP

Connecting to the Internet with Linux.

In addition to the features and capabilities I have discussed here, SLiRP has more sophisticated facilities for load-balancing and restarting interrupted connections, as well as utility programs for starting a remote shell without having to log in via telnet or for sending a file over a SLiRP connection without having to use FTP; however, none of these are necessary for a working Internet connection. Check out the documentation accompanying SLiRP and the SLiRP WWW pages for more information about those extras.

Be careful not to get too addicted to a SLiRP connection. Remember: it's like having a telephone, only more expensive.

Jim Knoble ( has been friends with computers since the days of homebuilt Heathkit Z80 machines running CP/M and has been learning about Linux since late 1992. When Jim's not at work, he enjoys international folk dancing, singing in his church choir, brushing up on his German, cycling, baking bread, hiking, and writing poetry. He lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, home to many fine Linux products and personalities. Jim hopes that one day the world will experience lasting peace.