Porting DOS Applications to Linux

Trying to port a DOS application to Linux? Alan Cox gives you hints and practical help.

A commercial clone of Borland's BGI library is also available for Linux. If your program uses BGI graphics, this may be an attractive option. A shareware version (US$15 registration) should be available at sunsite.unc.edu in the file /pub/Linux/apps/graphics/bgi_library.tar.gz by the time you read this.

The sunsite.unc.edu ftp site also carries a wide variety of database tools, from simple libraries for handling reading/writing PC-style XBase files to SQL systems.

A Commercial package called FlagShip for porting clipper database programs directly to Linux is available. A demo version is available from ftp://ftp.wgs.com/pub2/wgs/Filelist



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Error in listing 2

Graeme's picture

The second call to signal in term_ctrlz should be a call to kill, i.e. kill( getpid(), SIGSTOP );