The Google Cr-48 “Mario” Chrome OS Notebook

How much Linux do you get with Chrome OS?

Daniel Bartholomew works for Monty Program ( as a technical writer and system administrator. He lives with his wife and children in North Carolina and often can be found hanging out on both #linuxjournal and #maria on Freenode IRC.



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Good with some hacks

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Good review of the laptop. I also have one, but I manage to get by with it as my primary laptop (outside of work where we use Windows).

Tood Vierling wrote a nice piece about how to add more functionality to the shell (fount at

I can use vim, taskwarrior, and a few other cli programs, making the CR-48 more usable.

To make this a more compelling OS, it would be nice to have more functionality in the shell by default. I use it as my primary as it is, however, I would use it more if I could use a complete shell and bounce between that and the browser. How many linux gurus could Google gain if they added more commands in the shell. Then this would be a more interesting, low-budget netbook.