Legacy hardware, man up with Jolicloud.

Mike Diehl is a freelance Computer Nerd specializing in Linux administration, programing, and VoIP. Mike lives in Albuquerque, NM. with his wife and 3 sons. He can be reached at


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It does not matter what you

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It does not matter what you choose. If you would install Ubuntu and you would choose Fedora from the list it would not matter. The choice of operating system in the list is only for the amount of memory to be assigned, which you can change yourself any way and for showing a nice icon perhaps, that is all. Choose which ever you prefer from the list... Zetaclear

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it looks like

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what Meego should be.

That which does not kill me only postpones the inevitable.

"Most of the school-related

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"Most of the school-related work that they need to do can be done within Jolicloud, and that might reduce some of the temptation to play games when they should be doing their schoolwork. Being able to boot in to Vista to play graphics-intensive games then could be used as a reward for finishing homework on time."
-my exact reason for transition into linux... being in college has even more temptation, and linux somehow reduced that. *wink wink*
nice review and I like the idea of cloud computing, synchronization etc.. especially in today's mobile world..

Nice review

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I really liked your review. It's only a little outdated now that Joli OS 1.2 is available. But definitely still relevant for people who haven't tried out Jolicloud yet. I encourage those people to give it whirl. Mr. Diehl I look forward to a follow-up review based on the latest version. I think you'll find that a few of your concerns have been fixed or improved.