Is Your Personal Area Network Giving You the BlueZ?

Bluetooth is a complex beast, and recent changes to the standard Linux implementation have bamboozled many users. Untangle your personal area network with this revealing article on setting up the Bluetooth PAN Profile in BlueZ v.4.
What's Up Doc?

I am always very reluctant to criticize developers of free and open software. It is all too easy to forget or take for granted the enormous amount of dedicated work that goes into projects like BlueZ and to moan and gripe over minor bugs and missing features. On the whole, I have nothing but admiration for these wonderful people. But, if I could just gently and humbly raise one point, it would be that the documentation for BlueZ seems very thin on the ground. In fact, that's what motivated me to write this article in the first place (for example, there is no man page for the /etc/bluetooth/main.conf file). Anyway, let's hope this is a temporary glitch in an otherwise unblemished record of developmental excellence.

Dr Chuck Elliot is Principal Lecturer in Networking & Information System Security at Sheffield Hallam University and a Red Hat Certified Engineer.



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how to setup pan0

digitalcubano's picture


This article is a non-starter for me as the bluetooth daemon fails to create a pan0 device. Any pointers on configuring the myriad config files to get bluetoothd to create pan0?