Novice to Novice

This month, Dean takes some time off to play and reports his successes and failures.
A Parting Rant

Unix, for all its maturity as an operating system, still lacks success in the entertainment field primarily because businesses and schools, the primary users of Unix, don't require it. Not to deny that Unix hasn't influenced the gaming field—it undeniably has. But Unix still is sold as a high-end solution and hence is priced out of the home market where the entertainment market has its largest hold. Besides, why would anyone run Unix at home?

And yet, with Linux, a compact and essentially free Unix, the home market opens up. If Linux, or any other similar operating system, can create a valid and popular niche in the home market then the scenario changes. With the home market opened up, we see a fantastic new potential for Unix-based entertainment.

Anybody want to design a killer Linux game?

Dean Oisboid , owner of Garlic Software, is a database consultant, Unix beginner, and avowed Strike Commander addict. He can be reached at