New Products

Onset's HOBO U12 Data Loggers, SugarCRM's Sugar 6, enStratus and more.
Axigen's Messaging Platform

The word from Axigen is that the new v. 7.4 of the Axigen integrated e-mail, calendaring and collaboration platform is available and replete with many fine new features. Hundreds of additions have been added to the Axigen Mail Server, the Webmail interface, the Outlook Connector and the Active Directory Connector. Support for FreeBSD 8.x has been added. In addition, Axigen's application now offers a revamped licensing model that includes free e-mail users.

Blancco's Mobile Edition

Bond would be up a creek without a gadget should his arch-rivals get their hands on Blancco Mobile Edition, an application designed to eliminate the risk of inadvertent data leaks by erasing retired smartphones that may contain sensitive business and/or personal information. Capable of erasing up to 150 such devices per day, Blancco Mobile Edition helps IT security managers set and enforce end-of-service policy related to smartphones, an area frequently overlooked as a source of data breach. The application was developed for erasure of smartphones running major platforms like Symbian, RIM for BlackBerry, and Microsoft; support for Android-based platforms is slated for late 2010.

xTuple's Web Portal

The role of xTuple's new Drupal-based Web Portal is to extend the firm's open-source CRM, accounting and ERP applications to the Web. The xTuple Web Portal, which can be hosted on-premise or through an xTuple Partner, enables companies to improve customer service, establish an internal help desk, build deeper relationships with partners or suppliers and engage end users of the company's products. Once a conversation is initiated in the xTuple Web Portal, an incident is created automatically that users can categorize, prioritize and assign. In addition, users can create opportunities, to-do lists or even full projects from that initial incident. One can utilize all three xTuple editions on the Web Portal, namely the free xTuple PostBooks, xTuple Standard and xTuple Manufacturing.


James Gray is Products Editor for Linux Journal.