New Products

Radical Breeze's Illumination Software Creator, CloudLinux's LVE Wrappers, Bricsys' Bricscad and more.
Bricsys' Bricscad

The “team” of Linux-based CAD programs just added a new star player to its roster, namely Bricscad V10 from Bricsys NV, a high-end DWG-based CAD platform that previously was only for Windows. Bricsys calls Bricscad V10 “the most application-friendly CAD platform in the industry”, thanks in part to DCL and LISP APIs that allow existing applications and customizations written for Windows-based Bricscad and/or AutoCAD to run without modification. Besides essential CAD functions for users in GIS, AEC, mechanical CAD and civil engineering, additional core product benefits include a recognizable interface, comprehensive support and reasonable price points. Initially, Bricscad will support Red Hat and Ubuntu Linux.

RiverMuse Pro

The developers at RiverMuse have given their IT operations management platform RiverMuse Pro its vitamins for a stronger, more robust offering. Now in version 2.0, RiverMuse Pro combines the power of a robust Manager of Managers (MoM) functionality—centralizing event collection from other management systems as well as from the infrastructure—with real-time event correlation and analysis (ECA) capabilities to detect and alert on business-impacting incidents. RiverMuse says that the platform's architecture “offers a number of disruptive innovations that are critical to managing dynamic and virtualized environments that are common in IT environments today.” The new version 2 focuses on mid-market service providers and enterprises, enabling them to assure delivery of dynamic IT services through advanced event capture, correlation and alerting. A free and open-source RiverMuse Core also is available.

CodeWeavers' CrossOver Games

Our zany friends over at CrossOver were on the verge of mutiny since the grand poobah boss, Jeremy White, scheduled the release of CrossOver Games 9.0 just when Iron Man 2 was hitting the theaters. We're told that in order to ensure programmers continued working weekends without break, White created a makeshift “electric whip” and paced around the office screaming “full Steam ahead, minions!” in a mediocre Russian accent. The intimidation apparently worked, because the team pushed out both Linux and Mac versions of CrossOver Games, which allows one to play Windows-based games on these platforms. Version 9.0 supports the new Steam UI, StarCraft 2 (beta) and StarTrek Online, as well as enables users to install games from a single screen and a single click on CodeWeavers' compatibility center. Furthermore, users who figure out how to use CrossOver to install a Windows-compatible game can upload the installation recipe to the company's database.


James Gray is Products Editor for Linux Journal.