New Products

Mandriva Enterprise Server, Terracotta's Ehcache, 6WIND's 6WINDGate and more.
Mobile Edge ScanFast Laptop Cases

From the “Not Just for Linux Geeks Desk” comes Mobile Edge's new ScanFast line of laptop carrying cases and accessories, which the producer claims to be “the first TSA-Compliant Netbook case collection on the market”. ScanFast is targeted at Netbook owners seeking a case more substantial than a simple sleeve and encompasses the Edge Netbook Briefcase, Messenger Bag and Backpack products. Each product has the additional advantage of being checkpoint-friendly at airports. To be checkpoint-friendly, TSA requires laptop compartments to be independent and clear of any other gadgets, cords, metal zippers and so on, and screeners must have a clear unobstructed view of the laptop itself. The cases support notebooks up to 13.3" (34cm) wide.

DVEO's eYeCatcher ATSC-M/H

DVEO is now shipping the new eYeCatcher ATSC-M/H, a compact test modulator for emulating Mobile DTV (digital TV) signals. Designed for use in development labs and for technology demonstration purposes, the eYeCatcher ATSC M/H is a portable frequency agile modulator with IP, ASI or SMPTE 310M input and ATSC M/H output. It delivers real-time or stored video to cell phones, PDAs, handhelds and vehicles. The device is ideal for laboratory applications, testing set-top boxes and mobile devices, and in-store demonstrations of ATSC M/H devices.

Undo Software UndoDB

The Cambridge, UK-based Undo Software bills the new version 3.0 of its reversible debugger for Linux, UndoDB, as “a huge step backwards”. UndoDB's reversible debugging capabilities (also known as replay or historical debugging) allows a developer to step or run an application backward and so answer the real question when debugging: “How did that happen?” The Undo folks say that UndoDB 3.0 can debug nearly any Linux process, including those using multiple threads, asynchronous signal handlers and shared memory. The new edition also is reputed to be faster than ever, running applications with a slow-down of just 1.7x while still keeping full visibility of the program's entire execution history. Finally, UndoDB 3.0 supports reverse watchpoints, allowing programmers to find the root cause of elusive memory-corruption bugs easily.


James Gray is Products Editor for Linux Journal.