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WorkGroup Solutions Releases WGS Linux Pro 3.0, SSC Introduces WEBnut and more.
Empress for Linux v6.8 Now Available

Empress Software Inc. has announced the Empress multimedia RDBMS version 6.8 for Linux. Empress for Linux is a full featured, multi-user version of Empress' multimedia RDBMS, while Personal Empress for Linux is a single user version which includes a full documentation suite and many extras all on one CD-ROM. The multi-user version of Empress for Linux include RDBMS, 4GL application generator, GUI Builder development tool, Empress Connectivity, Empress Hypermedia, and more. It also includes Empress-in-One, a point and click interface which enables even the novice user to begin development immediately. Personal Empress for Linux includes RDBMS, 4GL application generator, GUI development system, Dynamic SQL, Empress-in-One, and Empress Hypermedia. Both version of Empress include a.out and ELF binary formats. Price: Multi-user—according to number of concurrent users; Personal—$149.00 USD.

Contact: Empress Software, Inc., 3100 Steeles Ave. East, Markham, Ontario, Canada. Phone: 905-513-8888. Fax: 905-513-1668. E-mail: URL:

CRiSP 4.2 Announced

Vital, Inc. has announced its new version of CRiSP, version 4.2. CRiSP is the only graphical file editor for both X and Windows platforms. The new release incorporates several major new enhancements as well as a major face-lift for its user interface. Some of the new features include complete encapsulation with HP Softbench 3.0/4.0, Centerline's CodeCenter, and Microsoft Visual C/C++ development environments; integrated support for IPC, named pipes, message passing with external 3rd party applications; dynamic screen colorization and colorized printing for 40 new languages; personalized toolbars/tool icons; new GUI mail interface; recallable named projects and keyboard macros; 64-bit compatibility across all platforms; and support for unlimited file/column sizes with dynamic memory models.

Contact: Vital Inc., 4109 Candlewyck Drive, Plano, TX 75024. Phone: 214-491-6907. Fax: 214-491-6909. E-mail:,

About Discussion Server v1.0b Released

AEX Software, Inc. has released a groupware product, About Discussion Server v1.0b, that works over the World Wide Web. This product provides functionality similar to Usenet news and Lotus Notes, but at a fraction of the cost and with tighter connections to the Web. Among other features, About Discussion Server allows you to set up your own discussions over the Web, allows public and password locked secure discussions, allows a great deal of customization per discussion, allows posting of HTML including graphics and forms, has search facilities integrated into the discussions, and it runs as a CGI program. Demo versions are downloadable from AEX's Web site and include a Linux version. Price: $49.99 single-server, single discussion; $499.99 single-server, multiple discussions.

Contact: AEX Software, Inc., 1411 Lincolnshire Dr., Champaign, IL 61821. E-mail: URL:


Phil Hughes